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Hoops Tonight - How JJ Redick SOLD Lakers on vision, why LeBron James & Ant

Jason Timpf is joined by Jovan Buha of The Athletic to break down how JJ Redick wound up as the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Jason and Jovan discuss what occurred behind the scenes to bring Redick to LA, the impact LeBron James and Anthony Davis had on the hire, and how interested the Lakers were in UConn head coach Dan Hurley. Later, the guys share their thoughts on the impact Redick will have on the Lakers' schemes next season as well as what LA must do this offseason to return to NBA Finals contention.

6:00 - How Redick wound up with Lakers

11:00 - Was Monty Williams considered?

12:30- Was Dan Hurley Lakers first choice?

22:00 - How Redick sold Lakers at interview

28:30 - Why Redick will help LA turn around

34:00 - Getting Anthony Davis more involved

38:00 - How Redick will modernize Lakers offense

45:00 - Lakers defense must improve

48:00 - What was LeBron James' involvement?

54:00 - Lakers view Redick as Pat Riley / Erik Spoelstra?

57:30 - Did Redick/LeBron podcast come up in interview?

58:00 - Who will assistant coaches be?

01:01:00 - Lakers offseason plans

01:11:30 - Check out Jovan's work!

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