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Colin Cowherd Defends Bronny James Being Drafted Amid Taunts of 'Nepotism'

Colin Cowherd: “There’s those that suspect the Lakers or another team would be interested in drafting Bronny James to attract LeBron. For all of those that are bothered by that, you haven’t seen this in college football recruiting? When you sign a marginal player from a high school because there’s a great player at the high school the following year – sometimes you sign a cousin or a brother of a great player who’s a marginal player. ‘COLIN, THE ONLY REASON HE WOULD GET DRAFTED IS BECAUSE HIS DAD IS LEBRON!’... Sort of the same reason you got into law school because your dad went there? You know how many people have asked me that I know through the years ‘CAN YOU GET MY KID AN INTERNSHIP AT FOX?’...
Connections matter, they always have. The Lakers aren’t moving up to the lottery to draft him, he’s not that kind of player, but I called one NBA scout over the weekend and he said ‘smart kid, hard worker, he’d be a good player on a great team full of smart guys, you can bring him off the bench.’ He is getting better as a shooter and He is athletic. The NBA has two rounds of draft picks – outside the occasional Jokic or Draymond Green, a lot of guys drafted in the second round disappear into the ether.
LeBron can get a $180 million max contract. If Bronny got drafted in the second round he’d make a million dollars. So essentially you’d be paying Bronny $181 million, not $180 million. Dan Hurley’s son is on the bench for UConn – who cares? It's cool, dad and son. Giannis’ brother has never had a start for the Milwaukee Bucks, he’s on their bench. Lakers have plenty of length, they could use plenty of athletic young shooters
Every time you drive down the freeway and see a plumbers truck, you ever notice it’s like ‘JOHNSON & SONS’... Oh, dad is handing off the business. How are the Lakers owned? The dad passed away and gave it to his kids. The same people outraged by connections are the ones that constantly seek getting their kids ahead through connections. An internship here, getting into a college they don’t quite quality for... Yes, it’s the way the world works, it’s OK. It’s the 55th pick, who cares?” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd discuss reports of the Lakers being interested in drafting LeBron James’ son Bronny in June’s 2024 NBA Draft despite the freshman averaging less than 5 points per game on a bad USC team, with Colin pushing back at the critics labeling the stunt as ‘nepotism' gone awry.

Check out the segment above as Colin downplays the hoopla surrounding the unprecedented move of actually drafting a marginal college player to be able to play with his father, saying those same people mocking Bronny are probably trying use their own ‘connections’ to get their son or daughter into a law school, college, or job/internship that they never would have achieved on their own, adding that life in general is all about 'connections' and who you know.

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