Jacksonville Humane Society: Help With Influx of Kittens

The Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) is asking for the community’s help in saving the lives of underage kittens. So far in 2024, JHS has taken in 407 kittens, and 236 of those came in the last 30 days. JHS has served an additional 121 kittens and 17 mother cats through the Kitten Krusader program.

The public can help in many ways, the first being to act as temporary foster parents by bringing kittens into their homes and raising them until they are 8 weeks of age. JHS provides all medical care along with food and other supplies. When the kittens are of the right age and weight, they return to JHS to have spay/neuter surgery and find new, loving homes.

Foster homes save the lives of kittens of all ages. Some kittens are too young to eat on their own and require feedings from human helpers every few hours. Others are able to eat on their own and just need socialization from humans. Occasionally kittens will come to the shelter with their mother and a foster home provides a safe place for her to raise her kittens with minimal intervention from the foster family. No matter the age, foster homes provide the supervision and care needed for kittens to survive and thrive.

Generally, the younger the kitten is the more supervision and care is required by a foster parent. Older kittens do not need constant care but still benefit from the comfort of a home rather than being in the shelter environment until they are of adoptable age.

JHS encourages people interested in adopting a kitten to consider fostering as well. Foster families receive special perks, including their “pick of the litter” to adopt a kitten in their foster care once they are of age and a waived adoption fee for their first kitten adoption.

Community members are also asked to remember “Don’t Kitnap” recommendations when they find kittens - stop, watch and wait for the mother cat to return. A kitten’s best chance at survival is to stay with their mother cat, she is likely nearby and waiting for you to leave. More Don’t Kitnap information can be found on the JHS website here.

Community members who are not able to foster but still want to help kittens in need are encouraged to donate kitten care items to JHS. Most-needed items can be viewed and ordered directly from our Amazon wishlist and shipped to the shelter.

For information on becoming a foster parent, donating, or adopting, please visit jaxhumane.org or call 904.725.8766.

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