Trump's SBA Leader say Florida Needs to Pass Universal Licensing Law

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Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Florida businesses don't have enough workers and one employment expert says lawmakers could solve the problem by passing a simple universal licensing law.

Chairman of America First Policy Institute, Linda McMahon, who also led the Small Business Administration as a member of President Trump's cabinet says Florida has a dearth of qualified applicants.

According to McMahon, "Florida has a massive projected nursing shortage of 60-thousand nurses by 2034." McMahon suggests that Florida join interstate compacts that would allow healthcare workers licensed in other states to work here.

Florida businesses that require workers to be licensed report challenges in recruiting qualified candidates. They say they need to hire workers from other states, licensed in good standing, without delay.

McMahon says 22 states have joined interstate compacts but unfortunately Florida is one of the 28 that has not passed legislation to allow for universal licensing.

This current legislative session, Representative Tracy Koster has sponsored HB1333 the Interstate-Mobility & Universal-Recognition Occupational Licensing Act.

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