South Florida Lyft Driver Helps Passenger Give Birth

A ride-share driver is credited with helping a woman give birth in Miami-Dade County.

According to Cherley Zamor, her cousin was home in North Miami Beach yesterday when she started going into labor. Instead of calling an ambulance, though, she called a Lyft driver, who picked her up and started driving to the hospital. On the way, the pregnant woman called Zamor, who got into her car and wound up catching up to the SUV when it stopped under I-95. The Lyft driver says he stopped there because he knew they weren't gonna make it to the hospital.

Zamor called 911, and she and the Lyft driver helped deliver a healthy baby girl.

The Lyft driver says this is the first time anyone has given birth on one of his rides, and Zamor says Lyft should tip him and reward him.

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