Vervet Monkey On The Loose In Fort Lauderdale, Looking For Love

A vervet monkey is on the loose, looking for love. The primate, called Ninja Joe, has been spotted across neighborhoods in the Fort Lauderdale area.

The Dania Beach Vervet Project, a nonprofit whose purpose is merging animal welfare and conservation, promoting peaceful co-existence of human-wildlife interactions for free-ranging vervet monkeys down here says if you spot Ninja Joe, don't chase him, it will spook him. Instead, reach out to them.

The group says that at around 5 years old male vervet monkeys become sexually mature, wanting to answer the call of the wild, often leaving their social groups to "find love, so to speak."

You can contact the Dania Beach Vervet Project through Facebook or on their website: or call 1 954-376-0370

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