Vols HC Jeremy Pruitt Commits Lame Recruiting Violation

Vols Helmets

Jeremy Pruitt‘s former high school, Plainview High in Alabama, won its second straight state championship in basketball back in March.

The Vols head coach tweeted out a simple congratulations to his alma mater and its coach on great run and title.

Apparently this a no-no for the NCAA.

Via The Associated Press:

The tweet was deleted 37 minutes later, after a compliance official noted that it constituted an impermissible endorsement of a high school team and its coach. Compliance officials met with Pruitt and the staffer overseeing the football program’s Twitter accounts to discuss that particular rule, but that was the extent of any repercussions for his actions.

Just to be safe coaches should not talk to anyone, ever, to avoid any missteps. (We are kidding of course...we think)

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