Paul Finebaum Says Florida State Football Job Overrated

Where exactly does FSU stand nationally when it comes to appeal from its football program?

Paul Finebaum thinks it’s overhyped right now.

The ESPN college football analyst said this week that he doesn’t believe FSU is a “destination job” anymore.

“I don’t think FSU is a (destination job),” Finebaum said on Thursday per 247Sports. “If you look at schools who have crashed and burned in recent years, FSU would be the poster child. And there’s a great debate on what happened, because it has not been very long. In fact, it’s only been two years since FSU entered the season No. 3 in the country about to play the biggest preseason game — what I mean by that — the biggest opening weekend game we’ve ever seen (vs. No. 1 Bama).
“I don’t know because I’m not down there whether the criticism is deserved on Jimbo Fisher. Willie Taggart to me is not the right coach. He has shown me absolutely nothing. From playing from national championships everywhere under Bobby and Jimbo, now they’re a program trying to get back to a bowl game.”

Florida State had been one of the country’s premier programs for a while, but since the national championship season, things have not gone according to plan.

The Seminoles have a chance to get back on the right path this season, as FSU opens the 2019 campaign on Aug. 31 against Boise State.

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