FAU Moves Student Section Behind Visitors Bench

Florida Atlantic’s Board of Trustees approved an increase in the student athletic fee by some $2 per credit this week in order to help better fun athletics. The trade-off for the price increase?

Students will now be seated right behind the visitor bench along midfield at Howard Schnellenberger Field.

“We think seating the students at the 50-yard line, giving them great seats, they are very excited about it,” athletic director Brian White told the site. “It’s something that they wanted and it’s something that I think will be good for FAU.”

The size of the student section is also doubling to 10,000 seats and will also include the school band behind the visitor’s bench as well.

Maybe the best perk however will be reserved for the student government, which will now receive a luxury box to use during home football games as part of the deal to increase fees. Yep, a luxury box for the student government.

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