Video of McKenzie Milton Walking For First Time In Almost Half a Year

UCF Knights quarterback McKenzie Milton was one of the top players in college football over the last two seasons. Entering the 2018 college football season, Milton received some Heisman love as the Knights undefeated streak continued.

Milton underwent immediate surgery to repair blood flow to his lower leg. Since then, he suffered through numerous other surgeries to repair the damage done to his leg.

After five months, Milton posted a video of him walking for the first time without crutches.

Serious questions remain about Milton’s future on the gridiron. However, he plans to try and play again.

Milton was asked about playing in 2020.

“That’s what I’m hoping for, but if that’s not in my best-case scenario, if I don’t feel like I’m ready to come back at that point, then I won’t,” Milton said.

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