Mullen Throws Some Serious Shade At FSU

Miami, Florida State and Georgia have just been put on notice, if you play the Gators inside the state of Florida, it’s a home game for Dan Mullen’s program.

That’s what the leader of the Gator program had to share recently during a speaking appearance to the Daytona Beach Gator Club. The way Mullen sees it, the University of Florida owns the state and it doesn’t matter if the game is on a neutral field or an opponent’s field, it’s all the same to him.

“We have eight home games this year,” Mullen said according to Zach Dean of GatorSports.. “We’re the University of Florida. If we play in the state, it’s a home game. Last year we had a home game in Tallahassee. This year we have one in Orlando.”

Shots officially fired to the Seminoles and Hurricanes there.

It’s hard to argue with Mullen’s assessment considering the Gators just went into Tallahassee and destroyed Florida State 41-14 at the end of last season. Miami fans may take exception to that comment but the Hurricane’s Orlando spring game, Mullen is probably correct in claiming Orlando, too.

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