Gators Assistant Arrested For Aggravated Cyberstalking

Florida Gators assistant director of player personnel Otis Yelverton was arrested Monday for aggravated cyberstalking of his ex-girlfriend.

The arrest comes after the Alachua County Sheriff's Office was alerted by Yelverton's ex-girlfriend that Yelverton repeatedly contacted her and left her a threatening voicemail in which he threatened to blow up her car. Per GatorsTerritory:

According to the ACSO police report, Yelverton has "repeatedly and maliciously" harassed the victim in the case after she ended the relationship on April 14th. The report goes on to detail that Yelverton called, Facebook messaged and texted the victim over 40 times - many of those messages coming after she told Yelverton to end all communication.
The report goes on to to say that the defendant was then arrested after he reportedly left a threatening voice message on April 21, after he told the victim that he would "blow up" her car. - Jacquie Franciulli, GatorsTerritory

Yelverton has been placed on leave by the University of Florida.

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