Game Of Thrones Prop Bets and Odds to Rule Westeros

Look, I know this is a blog for a sports radio station. But, C'mon. It's the biggest event in the history of television. You're going to watch it, and everyone you know except for that one person who can't wait to scream "I've never even watched a minute of Game of Thrones" at any given opportunity is going to watch it.

And while I think it's kind of silly to bet money on the pre-dawned chaos that is the Game of Thrones universe, I do find it interesting who they have given the best odds to sit on the iron throne at the series conclusion among other things.

Odds to Rule Westeros via OddsShark:

Bran Stark


Jon Snow


Sansa Stark


Daenerys Targaryen




Petyr Baelish


The Night King


Tyrion Lannister


Jon and Daenerys’ Child


Arya Stark


Samwell Tarly


Cersei Lannister


Jaime Lannister






A few more Prop bets via OddsShark:

Which Lannister will die first?

Cersei -115

Jaime +160

Tyrion +250

Which Stark will die first?

Arya -150

Bran +180

Sansa +300

Will Daenerys survive the final season?

Yes -115

No -115

Will Tyrion survive the final season?

No -140

Yes +110

Who will perish first?

Jaime Lannister -520

Tyrion Lannister +310

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