LSU A.D. Wants Head Coach Will Wade to Tell The Truth

LSU v Alabama

LSU’s AD, Joe Alleva, had a strong message for his suspended coach today.

“I wish he’d come in and just tell the truth,” he said, per Stadium’s Jeff Goodman.

Wade has apparently refused to talk to LSU’s administration during this entire saga.’s Jeff Goodman filed the following:

Two weeks ago, Yahoo Sports reported that Wade had a conversion with runner Christian Dawkins in which he spoke about a “strong-ass offer” he made in the recruitment of freshman Javonte Smart. Wade remains suspended, but Smart was reinstated prior to the SEC tournament after sitting one game.
“I wish he’d come in and just tell the truth,” he added. “Just tell me what went on. I can handle the truth even if it’s bad.”
But, according to sources, that isn’t about to happen anytime soon. Wade, on the advice of his lawyer, isn’t going to sit down with representatives from LSU due to fear of putting him in a situation that could wind up taking this from NCAA to the federal level.

LSU will play Maryland in the second round on Saturday, in Jacksonville.

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