Spurrier and AAF Keep Calling Tebow, But He's Focused on Baseball

The AAF is already a couple of weeks into their season - but according to Tim Tebow that hasn't stopped Steve Spurrier among others from reaching out to him about playing in the league.

When asked about how hard it was to reject the offers he responded , "It wasn't very hard, and they've called a lot". He gave a smile and a laugh as he went on to add, "And Coach Spurrier keeps calling, and I love coach Spurrier". But Tebow made it clear that he is currently committed to baseball.

A few days ago Spurrier was asked if he thought it was likely Tebow would play in the AFL, and via TheSpun.com he said:

“No, and I don’t blame Tim. Tim’s got a chance to go to Major League Baseball. I think he starts in the Triple A this year. I think Tim’s probably headed in the baseball direction right now, and I certainly don’t blame him. I think if I was in his situation, I might do the same thing.”

Coincidentally, or not, the Mets released a video of Tebow "Crushing Baseballs" on their twitter page right around the time these comments were made.

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