Deondre Francois Drama; Instagram account hacked?

Sunday, Florida State announced that Deondre Francois had been kicked off the football program after a social media post brought to light an alleged domestic incident between the quarterback and his ex-girlfriend. 

A day later, the alleged victim in that incident posted an apology on her Instagram account, stating that the release “of the video was to scare him” and that she was seeking “closure and attention from him after we broke up but I couldn’t get it from him. The only way to get his attention was through Instagram and spiteful actions.”

Not long after that apology was released, the alleged victim’s Instagram account was deleted. Shortly after that , the woman’s sister took to the same social media site and claimed that her sibling’s Instagram account had been hacked, intimating that the apology that was posted was fake.

Deondre Francois entered the transfer portal on Monday.

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