Titans Have Started Investigation Into Fournette's Racism Claims

TMZ is reporting that the Tennessee Titans have launched an investigation into Leonard Fournette's allegations that a fan was shouting racial slurs at him during last Thursday night's game in Nashville.   


Fournette told  Dan Popper and The Athletic the fan had been shouting racist insults like "c**n" and "servant" -- though none of those words can be heard on the video.  

 The Titans are working to identify the heckler so they can speak with him. 

TMZ spoke with the person who shot the video -- who is NOT the heckler arguing with Fournette -- who said he did not hear any racist language. 

The fan said he DID hear the fan hurling insults, but they were based on the score of the game. 

When Fournette was asking the heckler for his age, the guy responded, "I'm 30 to 9."

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