Miracle Scenario For UCF to Make CFB Playoffs

UCF has been perfect this year, going 10-0 in their games so far including a big 38-13 win over #24 Cincinnati.  But when you play in the American Athletic Conference, it's not enough to win all your games to get into the CFB Playoff (assuming you didn't throw a game vs Alabama or Clemson in there, which UCF has not). So what exactly would it take for UCF to make it to the Final Four of Football?

1. Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame all have to win out: taking the first three spots.

2. Michigan loses to Ohio State for their second loss on the yea; and Ohio State going on to lose the Big10 Championship: Big10 beats itself

3. WVU beats Oklahoma, but Texas beats WVU: Big12 beats itself

4. Washington State loses to Washington: Best team in the Pac gets left out.....

and undefeated UCF finds their way into the CFB playoff!

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