DIII Hoops player banned from campus after cheap shot

Kewan Platt of Fitchburg State has been suspended indefinitely for his cheap shot (show in the video below) on guard Nate Tenaglia from Nicholls in their game on Tuesday Night. The incident in question was after Tenaglia hit a three pointer to extend the Nicholls lead with under 3 minutes to go during the 84-75 Nicholls victory. 

“I was proud of how our guys handled the situation,” Nicholls coach Scott Faucher said via Yahoo Sports. “They came together and focused on the next play.

“Nate actually made the two free throws and stayed in the game. He’s an extremely tough kid. He took the shot, rallied his teammates together and went right to the free throw line.”

Fitchburg State released a statement on the incident via twitter. 

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