Daily Mail: Khan Exploring Tax Implications for Jaguars in London

The Daily Mail is reporting that Shad Khan’s staff is examining how to limit the taxes he will pay in the United Kingdom when bringing the Jaguars to Wembley.

According to the report, Khan is looking at basing the Jaguars in Jacksonville while playing their home games in London. Khan would need to make sure he can do that while keeping his own tax bill in check, as well as keeping in mind that free agents aren’t going to want to play for the Jaguars if they’re subject to the UK’s higher taxes on high incomes.

A spokesperson for Khan, Jim Woodcock,  had this to say on Wednesday. 

“This is nothing more than the same ongoing nonsense and bogus claims made by a former employee who left the club in 2017. Nothing here merits a further response.”

Shad Khan has repeatedly denied reports and claims that he intends to move the Jaguars to London or any other city.   

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