Jaguars Owner Shad Kahn Under Investigation

The trouble for Kahn is not Jaguar related, or even a U.S. related issue, he is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police in London for "Allegations of Threatening Behavior". In addition to owning the Jaguars in Jacksonville, he also owns the Premiere League's Fullham Football Club

The Fulham owner, whose £600 million bid is being considered by the FA Council on Thursday, is embroiled in damaging claims from a former member of his coaching staff alleging “systemic corruption” relating to his bid to buy the home of English football,”  - Reported by The Telegraph

The claims are from the former director of football, Craig Kline, who alleges the club engaged in racism and he had something to say about it on twitter: 

Kahn has denied the allegations, he released a statement via his spokesman, Jim Woodcock:

“This is nothing more than the same ongoing nonsense and bogus claims made by a former employee who left the club in 2017, Nothing here merits a further response.”

The final vote on the sale of Wembley Stadium will take place later this week.

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