Fisher: Grabbed Player by Facemask to Save Him from Ejection

Jimbo Fisher, on Monday,  said he grabbed “but didn’t jerk” Tyrell Dodson’s facemask in an effort to get his attention and keep him from being kicked out of the game.

“He understood exactly,” Fisher said. “Because I told him, ‘Listen, I can’t lose you. You’re our team leader. You’re our team captain. You’re our leading tackler. You call all the signals.’ I was just trying to get his attention, to keep him back in the game and not make a critical mistake and lose him in the game in a second. I was not trying to berate him.”

Dodson defended Fisher on Twitter after the game and did so again on Monday.

“I just wanted everyone to know that Coach Fisher was there for me at that time,” Dodson said. “He had my back. He was just telling me to stay focused and that he needed me. I totally understand the media was making it look more than what it was, but he was just telling me to stay focused.”

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