Likelihood each of the 4 undefeated SEC schools have to remain undefeated

Four football programs in the SEC remain undefeated heading into the final weekend of September, 2 of them have a decent chance to finish undefeated, while the other two have to play the former and thus have a significantly lower chance. 

Alabama Crimson Tide: Alabama has the highest chance to finish undefeated. gives them a 40 percent chance to win every game from here on out.  They still have to face LSU, Mississippi State, and Auburn; with the SEC Championship game and quite possibly the next team on the list looming. 

Georgia Bulldogs:  The Dawgs have been given a 30 percent chance to finish undefeated. The East is weaker than the east by most every measure and opinion that can be factored in. They will have to face the undefeated Kentucky WIldcats in November, but now that they've dismantled South Carolina, the schedule up until that point should be a breeze.

LSU Tigers: LSU has a brutal schedule. They still have to play UGA, Alabama, and Mississippi State. They have been given a 2 percent chance to finish undefeated. 

Kentucky Wildcats: Kentucky ended a 32 year losing streak to the Florida Gators and are now an undefeated SEC team. the SaturdayDownSouth formula gives them a mere .5 percent chance to finish the year undefeated. They do need to get past South Carolina and Texas A&M before they even get to their late year showdown vs the UGA Bulldogs. Definitely the long shot of the group.

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