NHL All Star Not Happy With Jalen Ramsey

ESPN’s Emily Kaplan published a followup piece on Thursday to last week's ESPN The Magazine Article on Jalen Ramsey.   Kaplan's pience included the reactions to Ramsey’s comments from multiple hockey players. Some figured that Ramsey was just talking big like usual, others found it amusing and said they’d like to see him try, while some were actually upset by it.

Buffalo’s Jack Eichel, the former No. 2 overall pick and an All-Star last season, found the comment to be “insulting.”

“I think it’s insulting to our league. For us as players, we’ve dedicated our lives to be playing in the NHL. To think after six months you could come play arguably one of the hardest sports in the world? I mean, I think it’s ridiculous he would say that. It’s ignorant,” said Eichel.  

Ramsey and the Jaguars begin regular season play Sunday, on the Road, against the Giants.  

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