Lane Kiffin says his Twitter personality brings recruits

Lane Kiffin may have toned down his brash attitude a bit since taking over at FAU.   One place he continues to flex is on social media.  

He says it helps bring attention to his school and attracts recruits.

“People say ‘Why is he doing that on Twitter? Why is he doing that? Well, he’s doing that because it’s helping the school. It’s bringing more kids here. The recruits like it. The recruits’ parents like it. And our fan base likes it. Maybe someday you guys will get that,” Kiffin told SI’s Andy Staples for a story published on Wednesday.

Kiffin is bringing in some recruits — many as transfers — and helped the team go 11-3 last season. The school also says applications were up 35 percent, which they attribute to the attention Kiffin has drawn to the university.

As long as he keeps winning the tweets will continue to keep flying!  

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