Celebration Cost Yannick Ngakoue $13,369

The league has fined Ngakoue $13,369 for his celebration, which also drew a penalty flag. According to NBC Sports, Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue celebrated a preseason sack with three pumps, and the NFL fined him for it.

Asked if he’ll have to come up with a new celebration, Ngakoue said he doesn’t need to because he already has several waiting he's been waiting to premiere.   

“No man, I got celebration for days coming, that was just one,” he said. 

We'll look forward to Ngakoue's next celebration and hopefully, it wont cost as much. 

Ngakoue’s celebration consisted of three pelvic thrusts, which came from the famous Hingle McCringleberry sketch on Key & Peele.

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