Gene Smith's Lawyer: Meyer & Smith "Fell On Sword" For OSU

Rex Elliot, lawyer for suspended Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, posted explosive comments on Facebook regarding the suspension of both his client and Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer. In the comments, Elliot alleged that the only reason Smith and Meyer were suspended was to satisfy the public that had, in his view, been whipped into a frenzy based on "erroneous information" provided by the media. 

"So, why the sanction? Well, isn’t it obvious? The country was lathered into a frenzy based on erroneous information and a long delay and OSU needed to appease the lynch mob that had formed as soon as the unproven allegations were made.

As a result, two great men fell on the sword for a University they dearly love. And both men faced a room full of reporters and admitted they failed in their duties to better manage and react quicker to a troubled employee even though they had no idea about the information that has since come out about some of the things he may have been doing." - Rex Elliot, OSU AD Gene Smith's Lawyer

Elliot has since deleted the post.

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