FAU Senior Cornerback: "All of a sudden, FAU is the Alabama of Florida"

Senior Cornerback Herb Miller is still riding the wave of FAU's 2017 campaign, and he think's they're just getting started in their regime under Lane Kiffin. "All of a sudden, FAU is the Alabama of Florida. Everyone wants to come here now" said Miller.   

“You look around, everybody is talking about FAU,” Miller said. “They all want to come to FAU but two years ago, nobody wanted to come here. Everybody looked at me crazy like, ‘Why you want to go here?’ It’s good to see us get the program turned around.”

Deandre McNeal, a wide receiver who began his NCAA career at the University of Texas, agreed with Miller's statement.

“Just me being from the state of Texas, I’d never heard of Florida Atlantic or anything like that,” McNeal said. “You’ve heard of Miami, you’ve heard of Florida State, you’ve heard of Florida, UCF, schools like that. … With what the team did last year, now, everybody wants to come here just like everybody thinks you’re set for life if you get an Alabama offer or a University of Texas offer.”

“I think it’s a testament to coach Kiffin and what he’s built here,” said quarterback Rafe Peavey, a transfer to FAU from SMU. “Just the personnel he’s brought in. He’s got a really good support staff around him and not only are they great coaches, but they’re great people as well. That just helps with the energy in the building. He really has created a competitive environment.”

FAU opens the season on September 1st at Oklahoma.

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