Joe Flacco Responds to Jalen Ramsey

Via the Baltimore Sun - Joe Flacco was asked about Jags Pro Bowler Jalen Ramsey's recent comments in GQ.  Flacco said he doesn't really care and basically added "get in line."

"I don't really have much of a comment," Flacco said. "I don't really care. There's plenty of people out there saying things. Just add one more to the list. No big deal."

No players that were mentioned by Jalen Ramsey have yet to take the bait or respond in a negative way.  Most have just taken it in stride.   Ramsey is expected to return the Jaguars after his week long suspension on Monday.  

The Jaguars host the Falcons on Saturday.   One of the players Ramsey was critical of, Matt Ryan, who Ramsey called overrated will be up first.   

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