Rivers and Eli Manning Among QBs Who Responded to Jalen Ramsey's Comments

Jalen Ramsey turned the NFL world on it's head earlier this week with his article that appeared in GQ in which he ripped roughly 3 out of every 4 quarterbacks in the entire league. Naturally, a few of these QB's have had a chance to respond to the statement's. 

Phillip Rivers of the LA Chargers said, "Shoot, I guess I made it if he said I'm pretty good, I didn't know he was doing his ESPN Top 30." tongue placed firmly in cheek.

Eli Manning, who won two super bowls vs the New England Patriots before Odell Beckham Jr. was in the league, was mentioned in the article. Jalen had this to say: "I think he's good. Eli [Manning]... It's not really Eli. I think it's Odell [Beckham, Jr.]. I won't say Eli's good, I'll say Odell's good." 

Eli responed with "no comment" followed by the classic "who?"

Mathew Stafford was mentioned in the article: “Matthew Stafford, I think he’s straight. I don’t think he the best quarterback out there. But he do what he gotta do.” which is a pretty close endorsement to what Jalen said about teammate Blake Bortles for what it's worth. And while Mathew has remained quiet on the subject, his wife Kelly, not so much. Kelly said Jalen was a "waste of time and space"

It's week 2 of the pre-season people. buckle up.

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