Lane Kiffin Rolls Up On LSU

FAU head coach Lane Kiffin has never let an opportunity to troll various institutions and individuals within college football pass him by. Thursday, Kiffin saw an opportunity to troll the LSU Tigers and their fans, and he took it. 

Speaking to ESPN 104.5's Off The Bench, Kiffin said the following regarding LSU and Tiger Stadium while referring to a game in 2014 where Alabama (for whom Kiffin was the offensive coordinator) won a game in overtime 20-13. Kiffin credited the victory to the fanbase not being loud enough:

"We were able to whistle from the sidelines and audible to the pick play – I mean rub play, not pick play – to score down there in the endzone. Come on Tiger fans, you gotta be a little louder. I thought it was supposed to be loud there at night. Night games in Baton Rouge were supposed to be tough or something.” - FAU head coach Lane Kiffin on ESPN 104.5

While sure to get some of the LSU fanbase riled up, Kiffin offered a bit of an olive branch by complementing Orgeron and LSU, saying that the gap between LSU and Alabama talent wise isn't that large, and that the main reason Alabama was able to get the better of LSU in the past was QB play.

LSU opens their season against Miami in Arlington at the Cowboy's AT&T Stadium. 

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