More Arrests In Scott Frost Home Invasion

A 17-year old girl was arrested late last week, suspected of being connected to the burglarization of Scott Frost's home in Nebraska. Two more individuals have been arrested in connection with the burglary, a 16-year old boy and 20-year old Andrew M. Williams. 

Williams was arrested after an officer stopped his car and saw Williams wearing a distinctive pair of shoes matching one of the pairs that was reported stolen by Frost. Per the Lincoln Journal-Star:

Two days after the burglary, an officer stopped a vehicle Williams was riding in and remembers seeing distinctive green shoes that matched the description of shoes stolen in the Frost burglary, according to an affidavit for his arrest.

The officer arrested Williams on Friday and found the green Nikes and other items thought to have been stolen from Frost’s house in his car, the affidavit said. - Riley Johnson, Lincoln Journal-Star

There are still other items stolen from Frost that have yet to be accounted for, and the investigation is still ongoing.

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