Yahoo Sports Poll shows ADs still sour on Lane Kiffin

Yahoo Sports recently polled 15 college athletic directors on whether they would consider hiring Kiffin at their school.   Let's just say that he is not a big favorite among the guys doing the hiring.   11 said no, two said yes and two said maybe.

“Can he get a job? Sure,” one source said. “He’s a world-class play caller, knows the game and can recruit. Do I think we’re at a moment in time with off-field issues and the FBI probe that people are less apt to take that risk? Yes.”

“Not a chance,” one AD said. “Too much smoke/drama around him. And he’ll probably think he’s Vince Lombardi if he wins another season.”

“Not if it’s the same immature Lane,” added another. “I have no idea if he’s grown up and is ready to be a leader of all things of a program, not just a coordinator and play caller.”

One athletic director was a open to it saying:

“I do think he’s rehabilitated his image, so to speak, and is an attractive candidate should he have a great year this year and keep his nose clean.”

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