Instagram Likes Led to Justin Watkins Outrage

According to CBS Sports:  In a University Police Department report former Gators WR Justin  Watkins' outrage came from a social media reaction. 

It began when he noticed that his teammate, Florida linebacker Vosean Joseph, had "liked" a few of the victim's Instagram posts. When confronted by Watkins at her dorm, the victim said that she did not know Joseph. Enraged, Watkins confronted Joseph via FaceTime to find out if the two had a relationship, which Joseph denied and Watkins did not believe.

"If you don't say the truth, I'll kill her," Watkins allegedly told Joseph. At another point during the battery, Watkins again called Joseph, this time threatening him. "Bro, when I see you, I'mma beat your ass," Watkins said, per the police report. "You twerkin' bro; I never met that girl," Joseph claims he responded.

Watkins chose to leave the program late last week.  

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