Criticism Doesn't Bother Blake Bortles

Blake Bortles is no stranger to criticism.  His 4 years in Jacksonville has been a whirlwind of ups and downs along with several highs and lows.   Late last season he seem to his stride leading the Jaguars to the AFC Title Game and signing a 3 year - $54 million deal in the off season.  

 While appearing on the NFL Network Today Blake Bortles had this to say.  

“There’s times when I deserve it,” Bortles said. “And I don’t have a problem admitting that I didn’t play good. And I don’t have a problem with people critiquing me when I don’t play good. It’s just never really bothered me. I love going to work every day. I love playing football, and the locker room, so why let something affect me that I have no control over?”

The Jags open up training camp on Thursday July 26th.   Just 13 days from today.   

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