The Latest Details on How UGA QB Jake Fromm Broke His Hand

On Wednesday, July 4th, this past week reports surfaced that UGA QB Jake Fromm suffered a broken hand injury on his non-throwing hand. At the time the details of the injury were kept under wraps, other than referring to the incident as a "freak injury"

Now, details have emerged via about the accident. 

"Apparently Fromm was with a group of friends who were trying to get someone up on a wake board, and their pull rope slipped away, snapping the attached handle back to hit Fromm in the hand. It was just a freak accident as all Fromm was doing was sitting in the back of the boat. The Georgia quarterback was just unlucky." According to all reports alcohol did not play a role in the 19-year-old's injury. 

Kirby Smart already said earlier this week that the injury is "insignificant", and reports are that Fromm will not have to wear a cast but will be in a splint for a couple of weeks and isn't expected to miss any time.

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