Janoris Jenkins brother charged with manslaughter

Officials believe that William Jenkins killed Roosevelt Rene, the man who was found dead at the home of Janoris Jenkins, this news coming to us via TMZsports. 

William was arrested 9 hours before the body was found on a separate parole warrant violation, but police believe they have enough evidence to connect him with the killing. William Jenkins has spent a cumulative time of seven years behind bars in his life, and if convicted he will face 10-30 more. 

In 2016 when former Florida Gator Janoris Jenkins signed with the New York Giants he told the NY Post that he did not want to follow the same path as his troubled brother: 

“Certain places you turn up, certain places you can’t turn up. I wasn’t ever gonna be the guy in the club on top of the tables bringing 20 girls in, drinking bottles. I wasn’t going to be that guy because that’s not me.”

Jenkins went on to say “If I’m at a party and somebody’s trying to hand me something that I don’t do or I don’t need, first of all, I’m gonna leave the party. Now I know when I’m partying with you, I can’t hang around you on that level, I got to separate myself. I’m gonna tell you no every time, and if you get offended, that’s on you.”

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