Dead body found in basement of former Gator Janoris Jenkins home in NJ

The news broke via Tusday Afternoon, with police currently investigating. According to reports, Jenkins was in Florida when the body was discovered and latest reports claim he is still in Florida but is aware of the discovery and on-going investigation.

At the moment it is unclear if there is a suspect in the case as they are still in the very early stages of the investigation. 

Dianna Russini of ESPN provided some additional information: "Also last night in NJ, a man claiming to be Janoris Jenkins’ brother was on a Jet Blue flight to Fort Lauderdale from Newark to allegedly meet up with Janoris. The man caused delays because he was too scared to fly according to witnesses I spoke to. He got off the plane"

update at 9:10 PM: Body has been identified as Roosevelt Rene, a family friend who had been living at the house. VIA ESPN the prosecutors office said "The manner of death will be determined b the Bergen County Medical Examiner's Office after a post-mortem exam."

At the University of Florida Jenkins was dismissed from the team in 2011 and had to play his senior season at the University of North Alabama. He became a 2nd round draft pick for the Rams where he played until 2016. He then went on to sign with his current team the, New York Giants. 

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