BIG 12 TV Rights Headed to Netflix or Amazon?

Gordon Gee, the chair of the Big 12 Conference Board of Directors Executive Committee,  spoke to the Charleston Gazette-Mail about the future of the league’s future media deals.   

G-M: You mentioned before you believe there will be realignment, but what do you mean a reshuffling of “how it all works”?

GEE: I would not be surprised to see our primary partner – as well as other leagues – be Amazon or Google or Netflix. I think the world is quite frankly going to be upside down. I think we’ll see a lot of it happen very, very fast.

I think the last five years have been astonishing how it’s all come together. ESPN, for example, though a great network, has lost viewership. I think they’ve lost about [14] million viewers. That shows the changing nature of the delivery system.

G-M: Have their been negotiations with Amazon or the others or developments in regard to broadcasting platforms?

GEE: I think wise league leaders would be having conversations and we have wise leadership in our commissioner [Bob Bowlsby].

The Big 12 appears to be open to this kind of change. The league’s Grant of Rights deal isn’t up until 2025, but obviously negotiations will take place in the years leading up to that.

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