Report: Manziel May Not Play In First CFL Season

Former TAMU and Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel has been working hard these last few months to try to get back into the NFL, doing everything from attending pro days of various college programs to throw in front of NFL scouts to answering questions regarding his mindset and development off the field. Manziel made news last week when he accepted a contract with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the CFL, however it seems as if his road in Canada isn't going to be easy:

Per CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora:

Reached out to a longtime CFL personnel man about Johnny Manziel's  transition to the league. Suffice to say, that was a bare-bones, backup  QB contract that the former Heisman Trophy winner agreed to, and his  climb to actually merit playing time in 2018 could be significant. If  anything, 2019 might be more of a stage for him to present himself to  NFL scouts, and even that is only if everything goes well on the field  and off. "They will start the other quarterback to open the season. They  signed him to a bigger contract in the offseason. If he falters early  then maybe Manziel gets a shot." The acclimation to the rules and larger  field will take time and, regardless, the two-year contract is pretty  iron clad, so no use opining anymore about the long-troubled quarterback  and the NFL until 2020. I give him a lot of credit for basically  playing for nothing guaranteed in Hamilton, far out of the limelight,  and wish him best. But it's still going to be a long road back.

It was a sentiment shared by former Heisman winning QB Doug Flutie on PFT Live Wednesday morning, who stated that Manziel has a steep learning curve ahead of him. Manziel has done and said all the right things these past few months, hopefully he continues that trend in Canada, even if it doesn't pay immediate dividends.

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