Former FSU DT Derrick Nnadi Calls Out Gators Assistant

Recently, college coaches have taken to social media for self promotion in order to help recruiting. These posts often promote the coaches and their programs by tying them to former players that made the jump to the NFL. Gators assistant coach Sal Sunseri tweeted out Friday morning an image linking current Florida coaches to players that had been drafted in the 2018 NFL draft.

Former Florida State DT Derrick Nnadi took issue with the graphic, which details that Sunseri coached both Nnadi and former FSU DE Josh Sweat.

While at FSU, Nnadi's defensive line coach was Odell Haggins, and Sunseri had accepted a position with the Oakland Raiders before Sweat played a game for the Seminoles. It's highly unlikely that Sunseri created the graphic he posted, and more likely that it came from the University of Florida athletic department. 

It's not a good look on either party; the athletic department for not fact checking before they created the graphic (if they did create it), and Sunseri for not reviewing the players that were being tied to his name, despite not coaching them.

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