Snooker Player Asks About Prize Money After Potting Just 2 Balls

At the World Open in 2010, Snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan was caught on camera asking the referee how much prize money was available for a 147 break. The prize was $5,115.

He asked that question after potting only 2 balls.

He then proceeded, in spectacular fashion, to make the 147 just like that.

For those who aren't sure:

Snooker is a cue sport very similar to billiards. The player has 22 colored balls, and must strike the cue ball to pot all of the color balls in the correct sequence. Potting each ball accumulates points.

A 147 break, also called a "maximum break," refers to when the player pots all fifteen red balls with fifteen black balls, followed by all six colors, for a total of 147 points. This is considered the best possible play a snooker player can perform when not in a free ball situation.

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